Downpatrick Head

Standing nearly 40m above the waves of the Atlantic, Downpatrick Head is a must-see for everyone visiting Ireland.

The ocean views at the top of Downpatrick Head are spectacular, and visitors will also have the chance to see a unique collection of islands known as the Stags of Broadhaven. The natural scenery and wildlife here are endless, and you could spend the entire day here with plenty of breathtaking views. Downpatrick Head is also home to the ruins of a church, a holy well, and a stone cross, marking the site of an old church founded by St Patrick. There is a statue as well honouring the great St Patrick. Downpatrick Head was also a popular destination for pilgrims. They would gather each year at Downpatrick Head on the last Sunday of July, known as ‘Garland Sunday,’ and that tradition continues today as mass is still celebrated there on that same day. Another great place to visit that is not far from Downpatrick Head is the Céide Fields museum and archaeological site, which is a prehistoric landscape filled with history.


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